For general conference information contact:

Dr. Karen Harwell,
Director, Undergraduate Research
Georgia Institute of Technology


For information on conference participation from participating ACC schools, contact the faculty representative from your school:

Boston College
Donald Hafner
Chair of University Fellowship Program


Michael S. Gaines
Assistant Provost, Undergraduate Research and Community Outreach

Barbara Speziale
Associate Dean of Undergraduate Studies


NC State
George Barthalmus
Director of Undergraduate Research

Lee Walker Willard
Senior Assoc Dean, Academic Planning

North Carolina
Pat Pukkila
Director of Undergraduate Research

Florida State
Cathy Levenson
Director, Undergraduate Research Office

Lucy Russell
Director of the Center for Undergraduate Excellence

Georgia Tech
Karen Harwell 
Director, Undergraduate Research

Virginia Tech
Karen Eley Sanders
Assoc. Vice President for Academic Support Services

Francis DuVinage
Director, National Scholarship Office

Wake Forest
Shannon Mihalko
Director, Undergraduate Research and Creative Activities Center